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Arabian Horse Bloodline Research in South Africa


Dear Arabian horse enthusiast,


I though it helpful to start an info-letter with the Heading, "Bloodlines in South Africa". 

Since horses are not an indigenous species to South Africa,  they were imported here by horse enthusiasts in the beginning of the 20th century.  The pioneers of those days started breeding the Arabian horses in the mid 1900's, by importing Arabians from various other countries, such as Great Brittian, America and Egypt to South Africa

I therefore decided to get the neccesary information regarding our Arabian horse breeding history, by writing down that info and knowledge, that are so desperately needed to successfully breed one of the oldest breed of horse today, for you to read and enjoy!

Written by Elzet Swart   -   e-mail;

Copy right 2008

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Research in these info-letters were done by Elzet Swart on Wijost Horse Computer Program.